Aerobics- The one-stop solution for weight loss

Aerobics is a high impact exercise just like swimming and running, it increases the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. It makes the lungs and heart work faster and harder thus making you sweat like crazy and burning maximum calories at the same time. It is also known as cardiovascular exercise and like every other exercise, it needs to be combined with a proper diet to achieve a significant weight loss. So, the trick here is to burn more calories than what you consume.  

Just like Kilometer is the measure of distance, calories are a measure of energy. The basic process of the body is that if you take more energy in the form of food and burn less than the body stores the energy. With the same process goes on for a long time is eventually turns into stubborn fat that causes health problems later.

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Now to burn this fat, people try thousands of methods like crash-diets, slimming pills, gyms, yoga etc.. But the easier it is to start the weight loss journey, the tougher it is to stay consistent with it. Same goes for Aerobics people expect to magically lose weight within a span of a month when they have collected the fat for years.  Sure, Aerobics will give you the best weight loss results but for this, you have to be consistent with both exercise and diet. Don’t go for the stories like “how I lost 10 kg in 10 days”, “lose 20 Kg in a month” etc.. As it requires impractical diets and Weight Loss occurs only with the change on lifestyle with other methods you will gain weight again.

Also, remember to Increase the intensity level after a regular interval, as your body gets used to an exercise if you continue it in the same way for more than 2 months.

Benefits of Aerobics

There are numerous other benefits of Aerobics than weight loss these are:

Minimize risk of :  

  • type 2 diabetes
  • Thyroid
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • Cholesterol

Other than these, with continuous exercise for years your aging will delay, you will have improved stamina & immunity, no risk of obesity, you will stay more energized and active than others and your natural glow won’t require any touch-up.

If you have thought of losing weight start doing aerobics from now and stay consistent to see the results.

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