Huda beauty products launched in India…Here is a simple guide to buy them

Huda beauty launch india

About Huda beauty

Huda Beauty is a brand launched by Huda Kattan. She recently announced the launch of her brand exclusively at Nykaa on 19 January 2018. I have been a religious follower of her Instagram account. She is a role model to many and inspires her followers to do more.


Huda Beauty products launch in India


The moment I saw her announcement I got really excited and wrote wow on her post, she liked it. 🙂

Huda beauty products launch in India


The launch was like a new year gift for some but there are others who have no clue about the products and maybe a little confused about what to shop for. So, to clear all your doubts here is a guide that will help you buy products as per your requirement.

The nude lipsticks to go for..

  • For fair skin tone:

The peachy and neutral shades look absolutely gorgeous on fair skin toned people. So, the  Bombshell, Wifey, and Sugarmama will go completely with your skin color. As you have a fair shade you can also experiment with other nude shades without the fear of going wrong.

  • For tan to olive

As you tend to have a golden glow you can go with corals and try Crush, Wifey, Trendsetter lipsticks from Huda beauty. If you are looking for darker neutral shades you can also try the lipsticks with a brown hint.

  • For Medium skin tone

The colors with a hint of brown and pink look really amazing on medium skin tones. Girlfriend, Venus, Trendsetter will suit you perfectly.   

  • For Deep skin tones

If you have a deep skin tone you should avoid the peachy or pinkish nudes. The pigmented browns will go nicely with your shade. So, Flirt, Venus, Girlfriend, and Trendsetter they all will look super Gorgeous on you.


Trendsetter is a star in the nudes from Huda beauty so if you still have any confusion you can just go with it.

Which Eyelashes to choose?

False eyelashes make your eyes look bigger and beautiful without extra efforts. But when it comes to eyelashes not many people know which one will look best on them. The Huda beauty eyelashes are designed in a way that they suit everyone. The main reason behind this is their design. They are not straight edged so they give a fuller and more natural look than any other false lashes. You can have a quick glance at the difference between the two :

Skewed eyelashes


Skewy end Straight ends.
Suits all type of eye shapes whether it is big, small, hooded, Eyes with fine lines or wrinkles.   Suits the naturally big eye shapes.
Looks more natural and easy to pull off. Depends on the quality of the lashes as they don’t always look natural.
Connects the hair strands, comfortable to wear. Not always comfortable to wear
Looks more dispersed May look rigid


The huge collection of Huda Beauty eyelashes

If you are looking for:

Long length and fuller eyelashes

  • Huda beauty classic lash- Scarlett #8
  • Huda Beauty Faux Mink Lash – Farah #12, Jade #13, Noelle #14

( These mink eyelashes are cruelty-free so you don’t have to worry about a thing).

Medium eyelashes ( they are less heavy than the ones mentioned above. )

  • Huda Beauty Eazy Lash – Camille #16
  • Huda Beauty Classic Lash – Lana #10, Samantha #7

Light Eyelashes (They are perfect for daily wear, they do not look very heavy also, they cost lesser than the ones mentioned above.)

  • Huda Beauty Eazy Lash – Harmony #17, Camille #16, Claudia #6, Giselle #1

The Eyeshadow palette

There are two Huda beauty eyeshadow palettes available right now:

Rose gold edition


huda beauty rose gold palatte

This palette has 18 beautiful shades out of which 10 are matte shades and other 8 has sparkly texture. If you are a beginner this palette can be your go to. It has a great combination of neutral and bold colors. So, as per the occasion, you can go from a natural to bold look. For a daily wear or office look, you can simply try the combination of its shy, moon dust, sandalwood, and coco. For a party look the maneater, black truffle, heena, boss, and all the other sparkly shades are a prize.

  • The Desert dusk eyeshadow palette

This palette has more sparkly shades than the matt ones. If you know how to play with colors then the glitter pans would make you very happy. With 8 mattes and 10 glitters, you can experiment with your looks to your heart’s content.

Other than these products Huda beauty will soon launch its foundations, obsession palettes, lip contour, and highlighters.

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