5 easy home remedies to deal with Restless leg syndrome (RLS)

Have you ever faced trouble while sleeping due to uneasiness in the leg?

If yes then it might be the restless leg syndrome!

What is exactly a restless leg syndrome?

It is a condition when one faces an urgent urge to move the leg. This mostly happens at night which makes it impossible to fall asleep. Some people define the sensations to be pulling, throbbing, creeping etc.. It can happen at any age and women are mostly affected by this RLS. The causes of this problem are not defined but many people associate this with anemia, iron deficiency, kidney failure, high blood pressure, smoking, heart disease, and mostly importantly formation of lactic acid.

The first time I started to feel the RLS was after 5-6 months of regular workout sessions. The timing of workout was 6:30 in the evening and after months of going at the same time, I started to experience the RLS. At first, like many others, i was confused what was causing it. But after I shifted my workout timing to 7 AM in the morning the sensations went away. So, in my case, the tingling sensation was happening because of odd exercise hours. If it isn’t the case with you, then you can try these 5 home remedies and see if it helps:

1.Massage the  Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been known to be effective in treating restless leg syndrome. It will help improve blood circulation and relax the nerves to help you sleep soundly at night.

  • Step 1

Take an appropriate amount of coconut oil and slightly warm it.

  • Step 2

Rub this warm oil all over your legs.

  • Step 3

Massage the oil in circular motions in the upward direction,

  • Step 4

Wipe off the access and go to a sound sleep.

Repeat this routine daily to feel the relaxation in your muscles. If you don’t have the coconut oil you can use mustard oil.

2.Chamomile tea

Chamomile is an excellent herb that instantly relaxes the nerves and muscles.  It is a healthy alternative to those sleeping pills. Drink this tea one hour before the bedtime and the regular use will help promote the sound sleep.

3.Epsom Salt foot soak

Epsom salt is widely used as a treatment for joint pain, sore muscles, arthritis etc..  As it has magnesium, the foot soak in Epsom salt promotes the magnesium absorption and relaxes the nerves.  Use this method in moderation as Excess use can cause dried skin. Limit your foot soak to 30-60 minutes twice a week.

4.Get the right nutrition

In our fast day to day life, we tend to ignore the nutrition requirement of our body. Check if you are getting the appropriate amount of calcium, magnesium, and potassium according to your age and weight. Any shortage of these minerals can make your legs more twitchy.

5.Try a warm bath

A warm bath before bedtime is really helpful in getting a good night sleep. It relaxes the sore muscles thus prevents any twitching.

Follow these simple home remedies to see an improvement in your RLS. In my case the RLS was triggered due to late evening workouts, you can also make some hit and trials to see what is exactly causing your legs twitchy.



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