If you are looking for a reason to not exercise …Here are 5

proteins are n for excerciseecessary

Many of us get random advice from people to start exercising. Especially if you are even a little on chubby side anyone would come to you and say…

“hey you should join a gym!”, or

“ Hey, why don’t you start running in the morning?”.

Surely people want us to be healthy and stay in a better shape. But if you start your exercise out of the blue it will cause more troubles than solving the former ones.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not listen to the random advice and avoid exercise:

  1. If you don’t take precautions

Many of us start our workout without any prior consultations or precautions. This might work with low impact exercise but when you are doing an intense cardio work out like step aerobics or running, the knees are the first thing that gets affected. Our knee joints bear the strain caused by movements and in the long run, they could start to pain, irrespective of our age. Many people also use the term runner’s knee for this. So, if you don’t wear a kneecap don’t start with high impact exercises.

knee cap for excercise


  1. If you don’t take protein

When we workout we tend to break our muscles. Protein helps us in rebuilding our muscle mass and repair the damaged tissues. Many types of research have shown that lack of protein can cause joint pains in the long run. The more protein you take the more Synovial fluid (it reduces friction between cartilage of synovial joints) you get. So, make an effort to increase the protein intake in your diet or simply don’t work out.

proteins are n for excerciseecessary

  1. If you don’t consult a doctor

Surprisingly, many of us don’t even know if we are Vitamin D deficient. Our daily lives literally don’t involve a sunbath. As a result, our bodies don’t absorb calcium as they should and with rigorous exercise, we keep giving stress to our body. If you start a heavy workout with Vitamin D deficiency you might suffer from chronic fatigue, tiredness, joint pains etc. So, if you have such symptoms consult a doctor or at least take a break!!.

Here is an example :

Vitamin D is important for healthy body

  1. If you don’t give rest to your body

When you exercise you are actually exhausting the muscles and energy. If your body doesn’t get time to rest you will start suffering from muscle pains, headaches, aches or chronic fatigue. Resting helps us recover and make our performance better. If you know that you won’t be able to get enough rest then it’s better that you don’t get into high impact exercises.  

  1. If you simply can’t live without  junk food

Many of us have a notion that “if I worked hard in the gym a small burger won’t affect”.But sadly a single burger can give you back more calories than what you have burned with exercise. This junk food has zero nutrition and is high in fats, carbs, and calories. If you can not limit the junk food consumption, exercising would be of no good.

When it comes to working out, I have had my share of mistakes and the one thing that I actually learned from those mistakes is that “prevention is much better than cure”!. Yes, it sounds lame but it is important to follow a proper checklist before you begin with your weight loss journey or whatever your fitness goal is.

Therefore, do take some of the precautions mentioned here and start your fitness journey without any side effect.


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